Coaching creates change.

In coaching we illuminate limiting beliefs, values, expectations and attitudes in order to create lasting change. Whether it's a situation, feeling, behaviour or thoughts, if you want to gain clarity and perspective over challenges that you are facing, coaching might be for you. In the coaching session we explore ways forward and create new choices, whilst elevating you to greater self-empowerment.



As a transformational life coach, I use a multi-disciplinary and talk-therapeutic approach. My coaching skills draw from art, psychotherapy, philosophy and psychology, as well as traditional coaching techniques. A key aspect of transformational coaching is the process of empathetic listening

Coaching session are 1:1 (in person, audio/video call). Additionally, I offer coaching whilst walkng in Berlin

Each session is 50 minutes, in English or German

Prices on donation basis. Suggested donation between 25-65 € depending on income

(donations go directly to Caribic Care, a not-for-profit organisation that works at the intersection between Art, Health and Care)


I'm Jas, an art worker and transformational life coach, currently based in Berlin. I have completed my qualifications with Animas Center For Coaching, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

In the last few years, I've been researching self-help methodologies and ways of coping with chronic pain in relation to stress. I believe that caring for ourselves for many of us needs to be learned and that inner connection is a lifelong process. I find coaching practice especially valuable in enhancing self-empowerment and elevating the individual to higher potential. I coach with curiosity and empathy, with the intention to help you to greater autonomy and self-growth.

Reasons people seek coaching

- emotional support

- goals and decision-making

- new challenges

- lack of confidence

- feeling stuck

- illuminating blind spots

- overcoming obstacles

- greater self-awareness

- meaning and purpose

- relationship issues

- problems at work

- health

- procrastination

- lack of motivation

- stress, etc.

Helping you to help yourself through 1:1 dialogues