Parts of the Caribic Care method now available (online or in Berlin):




One-on-one conversations addressing mental, physical, emotional wellbeing. Informal and confidential, based on humanistic and person-centered coaching techniques. Any information shared is based on our own experience and research. (Consultation does not substitute a medical or psychological assessment)


50mins, commitment fee applies - click for details and booking

The Attention Theatre

1 Attention Seeker meets 3 Attention Givers. Attention can be given to anything you bring - yourself, a thing, a thought, idea, concern, challenge, issue. In a guided process, the Attention Givers illuminate the thing/person/subject, facilitating a space of exploration. Attention Givers offer reflection, advice, opinion for the seeker. Group support, think-tank.

60mins, commitment fee applies - click for details and booking


Sharing images from your life in form of a slide-show. In this conversational format we exercise the desire to look at people’s photos/lives in a collective viewing process - instead of it being a private, isolated activity. Informal presentation of select images, up to 2 invited guests can join.

90mins, commitment fee applies - click for details and booking


RMB  (Rhythmic Meditative Balancing) is a combination of a meditation and a hand tapping exercise. The practice is designed to be incorporated into a daily routine and has levels of advancement as your skill and focus develop. Anxiety-reducing, physically and mentally grounding, good for balance and coordination, no prior experience needed.

45mins, commitment fee applies - click for details and booking

MATTER Residency

Group experience of spending 2-days observing matter at the fundamental level. Following protocol, we advance to access immaterial and material properties through the act of deep observation. Reclaiming knowledge outside logic-reason, intuition training, community building.

2 days, commitment fee applies - click for details and booking

Contact: member(at)

+ group support

+ new formats and spaces of conviviality

+ artists sharing their practices/services

We are a non-profit organisation - commitment fees are donations

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