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This information is intended for anyone who is interested in it.

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

This information is intended for anyone who is interested in it. Anyone who is not interested should not read it. It's about choosing for ourselves.

‘In the last few years, due to a health condition in my own body, I've been researching self-help methodologies and ways of coping with chronic pain in relation to stress. In the process, I found standard self-care practices to be merely aiding self-exploitative mechanisms in the guise of well-being, targeted at optimizing performance and productivity, whilst deliberately isolating personal issues. In the cult of self-improvement, the individual is held accountable to better themselves whilst covert suffering and being unwell are normalised. I believe that caring for ourselves needs to be learned. It is a practice of self-knowing that is not separate from the changing and complex realities we live in. Being unwell requires us to re-think our assumptions about health. The desire to improve must be scrutinzed.’

- Jas

It will feel like art. It will function like a practice. Art and Practice.

Caribic Care is an independent method developed by artists, not doctors. We address and learn from what makes us sick, recognising the transformational potential of the mind/body at dis-ease. Identifying alterity and resistance in being unwell, we create prevention and coping alternatives that are empowering. CC is a concise programme, encompassing foundational, creative and developmental aspects, based on self-exploration and experiential knowledge. Our research is integral to the method, comparing notes and sharing resources within a network of peers.

Our background as Caribic Residency (an encounter-based 2-day artist residency) has enabled us to work with immaterial subtleties at a high level commitment and attentiveness. Curating people, places and potentialities, we have been training a specific set of knowledge of the relational and its impact/consequences. Being able to draw connections and using a highly developed ability to care, we place attention where it is needed.

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