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Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Do you want to receive important information that could change all aspects of your life and physical and mental wellbeing? This is not spam but insight into a discovery Are you suffering from a chronic condition, such as pains, autoimmune or mood related illness, brain fog, stress, lack of purpose, addiction, arthritis, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, asthma, narcissism, feeling of disconnection to name a few? Are you merely managing symptoms because the cause of your condition is ’unknown’ (idiopathic)? Do you consider your psychological and physiological response relative to environment and the pathology of your sickness as reactive to the capitalist exploitative condition? ​ Caribic Care is an independent method based on experiential evidence for the mind body at dis-ease. Our research inlcudes 12-years experience of radical hosting and 2-to-1 practice, exchange of knowledge with specialists, practicioners and peers. We are not doctors but artists, curious about alternative ways of practice and organising around the issue, bringing voices together. This is not an artwork but a possible solution ​ Are you ready for transformation? Running trials soon at Caribic Care